Emma Smith

Moody Bot

March 19, 2016

When you tweet at Moody Bot, it studies your posts, analyzes your personality, and then draws your portrait. (Where “portrait” is defined very, um… loosely.)

Moody Bot logo

Moody Bot uses IBM’s Watson. This analysis is fed into a script that creates a unique image, which is then posted to Moody Bot’s Twitter feed.

Moody Bot screenshot

The bot is a Node.js script that is scheduled to check for new mentions on a regular interval. The code that generates the image is inspired by the superformula.

Moody Bot screenshot

There are several component pieces: the bot script, an API that takes a Twitter username and return a personality profile (the core of which I needlessly published as an npm module), and a front-end that uses D3.js to generate the image.

Moody Bot screenshot

Moody Bot is taking a break for the moment, but you can still check it out on Twitter.

I work in New York City building invisible machines for the arts. Say hi on Twitter, or, if you're the sort, check out my Github.