Emma Smith


August 20, 2017

Obscura made an appearance on Joy of Computing on January 18, 2020, and then got a retweet by the creator of Elm, Evan Czaplicki 👻! To me, this says a lot about the playfulness of the Elm community.

A game I wrote in Elm to learn a little more about the spooky side of functional programming.

Game screenshot

You are a ghost in a dark universe governed by math and peopled by dullards.

Play it here

Guiding principles

The position of the dullards is determined by simple mathematical formulas. For instance dullards might appear arranged in a semi-circle, a spiral, or a sinusoidal curve, but never in an ad-hoc senseless formation.

Nothing is random. The position and behavior of dullards is defined by pure functions. The only variable is user input.

I work in New York City building invisible machines for the arts. Say hi on Twitter, or, if you're the sort, check out my Github.