Emma Smith

Random stuff I'm working on

May 10, 2019


Made a neat blob “game”. Uses react-spring for the nice animations, and an svg filter to make the blobs kinda fuzzy. I also used “react-hotkeys” to handle keyboard events. I went through many key capture libraries before landing on this one. Phew! It’s rough out there.

Couplet machine

Made a thing that helps you write couplets. Uses statecharts, and particulary services within a statechart. It’s very stripped down atm, but this could provide the basis for a neat poetry game.


Published a thing that finds rhymes. Used Lerna, as there are a couple packages involved. One is a phonetic dictionary. Another makes use of that dictionary, matching words on the last few phonemes to create rhymes.

These packages are related enough that I want to develop them together, but they are distinct enough that I can imagine someone (including myself) using them independently. You might use the phonetic dictionary for some purpose other than finding rhymes.

I’ve used npm link to help facilitate package development. Lerna seems to make that symlinking less messy. Also I’m loving the publishing flow, especially the auto-versioning.

I work in New York City building invisible machines for the arts. Say hi on Twitter, or, if you're the sort, check out my Github.